Seamless order management

Digital Tablet Menu integrates with your POS system, sending orders straight from customer to kitchen and creating a seamlessly integrated platform for both the user and you. Orders can even be printed once they get to the back of the house for the ease of your staff. Micros 3700, Foodics, InfoGenesis, NCR Aloha, POSiTouch, Heartland Dinerware, Brink POS, Simphony are some of our POS integrations. More to come soon, stay tuned.

Collect feedback from your guests

Collect instant and effective feedback from your customers in seconds. Keep track of customer behavior, identify what works and improve what’s missing.

Create a data-driven menu for your business

The only thing every single customer in your restaurant sees is your menu. It’s the best tool to collect insights from your customers. The Finedine Menu app follows customer actions as they browse through your menu. The Dashboard gives you an analysis of the most and least viewed items, daily sales, revenue share across categories, average ticket size and much more! Keep track of what your customers are doing on your menu and take action to increase sales.s

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